Jälluntofta camping is a privately owned family campsite located on Lake Jällunden.

The campsite was founded in 1985 and has been 30years in the family.

In the area there are 28 cabins and 64 campsites and almost unlimited tent sites.

The campground is open year-round. Full service from 15 June - 15 August Opening times: 09:00 - 21:00.
Here you can enjoy wildlife and nature.

We have:
- Reception
- Beach
- Mini Golf
- Boul
- Football
- Playground
- 28 cottages in three different sizes
- 4st service buildings spread out on the area
- Laundry room
- Men's & Ladies toilets equipped with showers and communal sauna
- Rental of bicycles, canoe, boats and life jackets.
- Possibility to hire a boat
- Places equipped with benches
- Communal kitchen in the main building equipped with oven, kitchen fan, 3x kitchen sinks.
- Mini fridge to rent for those who do not have their own fridge or storage option for your own food.
- Common Room


News 2016
- Grill cottage for rent - cost: 200SEK / half day, or full day 300SEK.
- Wood-fired hot tub for rent - cost 1000 SEK / booking and day in connection with accommodation (wood included). Outsiders drop-in cost: 1200 SEK / bath and day.
- Rent a C-cabin and bring your boat, put it by the shore below the cabin free of charge.
- Boat place for rent (you can´t put your boat at our shore without our permission)


You can walk in the beautiful surroundings of mixed forests with elk, deer, wild berries and mushrooms.

A few miles from the campsite is the hiking trail, Jälluntoftaleden and it is 12 km long


Jälluntofta camping is open all year round, full sevice from midsummer until 15 August,
Open hours: 9 am until 9 pm every day.